The program offered by EICI takes place in the city of North Bay. The city of North Bay is part of the province of Ontario and the Nissiping district (located north of Toronto). The city is small and safe therefore allowing students to get around by using public transport (city buses). North Bay has many restaurants, a movie theater, a skill hill, fitness centers and shopping malls. Students that reside at a certain distance from their respective schools will be provided with the school bus service (at no additional cost)


Investing in Their Future

After twenty years of experience, EICI has witnessed how students who participate in this program, in addition to mastering the English language, learn to adapt to a new culture, make lasting friendships and acquire a higher level of maturity. Being away from their homes helps students develop the ability to adapt to changes, which in turn helps them gain more self-confidence and turns them to independent young people. Being in another country and living with people from another culture enables them to open their minds and develop a more globalized perspective. At all levels, this experience will mark their lives; for many of them this will be the first of many experiences abroad, and a great tool that gives them access to countless opportunities in the future.




Why study in Canada?

Quality Education

Healthy and Safe Communities

Affordable Education

Diverse and Multicultural Environment