• All students participating in the EICI Program will attend Canadian middle schools (Gr.8) and high schools (Gr.9 to Gr. 12).

  • EICI works in collaboration with the Catholic School Board in North Bay, in order to integrate EICI students into local middle/high schools.

  • Within the local schools, the academic school year runs from September to June; classes are held from 8:45 AM to 3:15 PM, from Monday to Friday.

  • Students attending high school will need to purchase the school uniform individually (not included in EICI fees)

  • For those who are interested in coming to study in Canada for one semester only (September – January or February – June), this option is available as well.




  • EICI staff members lead the program and supervise students, as to ensure their well-being throughout their stay in Canada, both at an academic and at a personal level.

  • EICI staff are the main point of contact between students’ families in their home country, host families in North Bay, and local school staff.

  • Throughout the school year, EICI coordinators work to resolve any issues that might arise.

Academic Credits

  • Students who attend the EICI program will be able to have all of their courses accredited in order to move forward to the following academic grade upon their return to their home country.

  • For students coming from Mexico, this information has been confirmed with the SEC (Secretaria de Educación y Cultura).


Students enjoy living with Canadian families while learning English. Through this exposure, students are integrated into Canadian culture and inmersed in the English language to facilitate the developement of English proficiency.

All host families are carefully selected and maintain constant communication with EICI staff members. The host families are responsible for their student’s safety and well-being, as well as providing meals and remaining vigilant of their students’ school performance.


  • Integrating students into local Canadian schools allows for students to experience a deeper immersion into Canadian lifestyle. It enables further interaction between them and young Canadian students of the same age and helps them practice their English language skills on a regular basis.